My Bible Log

My Bible Log is a free online Bible reading tracker.

It's a Progressive Web App, so you can use it as a website or install it on your device as a regular app.

I created it because I couldn't find a good online tool to track Bible reading. There were plenty of checklists that I could print off, but I wanted something more flexible and precise. My goal with this project is to help people read the whole Bible at their own pace, following their own plan.

Reading the Whole Bible

The Bible is a huge book. Technically, it's an anthology of 66 books. Those 66 books were later organized into chapters and verses, with a verse being basically a sentence.

There are 31,102 verses in the Bible. That's a lot of reading.

If you want to read the Bible in a year you need to read 86 verses a day. Now that's more manageable. And if you know that some days and times work better than others, you can read more during those times and let it all balance out. It's up to you.

Bible Reading Tracker Features

The Today page shows your progress toward your daily reading goal and the reading you've done today.

You can see the total number of verses you've read along with the number of new verses you've read. Reading 86 new verses each day means you will read the entire Bible in a year.

This page also provides reading suggestions to help you find something new to read.

The Calendar page allows you to view and edit any log entry you've made. You can look through your past Bible reading to gain new insights on your habits.

Days where you met your daily reading goal will display a star.

You can track your progress through each book, chapter by chapter. Chapters you've read will show a gold star.

Use the "Open" button to open the chapter for reading. If you are on a computer this will open the passage on Bible Gateway. If you are on a mobile device, then it will try to open up the YouVersion Bible app instead.

You can easily track your reading with the "Track" button.

Use the Bible Books page to get a birds-eye view of the entire Bible, and see the percentage of each book you've read.

The progress bars show your reading in place, so you can tell where in each book or the whole Bible you still need to read.

Books you've read 100% will show a gold star. You have 66 gold stars to collect!

It's easy to track your Bible reading with no typing involved. You can also see a preview of the passage before you log it.

My Bible Log will fill out the chapters and verses, and you can tweak them as needed.

Getting Started

There's no need to register for an account or verify your email. You can use Facebook or Google to sign in and start tracking your Bible reading immediately. Just go to