Check out some of the work I've done over the years.

Project: N2JS

April 2021Present

I created N2JS ("into JavaScript") so I could teach people how to code through katas, or code challenges. As a former high school teacher and coding bootcamp instructor, I wanted to improve the way people first learn how to code.

I've developed an Essential JavaScript course with over 100 lessons to help people learn to code from the very beginning. Anyone can take this course for free to learn programming skills at their own pace.


August 2020April 2023

Olive is an AI company in the healthcare sector, providing automation for both providers and payers.

Project: My Bible Log

May 2019Present

My Bible Log is a free online Bible reading tracker built as a Progressive Web App.


November 2018August 2020

I had the amazing opportunity of working with a variety of top-notch professionals at BVA.

Designers, developers, strategists, project managers, data scientists, and other roles worked together regularly to "bring life to commerce", as they say.

None of these projects would have been possible without the highly coordinated collaboration between our diverse skill sets.

We Can Code IT

March 2018November 2018

I love the culture of We Can Code IT, a software development bootcamp that prioritizes diversity and inclusion in tech.

I enjoyed pioneering the first hybrid in-person/online cohort, leveraging my background in both technology and education.

Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow

August 2015January 2018

Although ECOT is now closed, the school was incredibly progressive in the EdTech space.

For example, the learning management system (LMS) custom-built for ECOT had a better UX than both Moodle and Blackboard, the top free and premium options at the time.

I feel lucky to have had the chance to improve the daily experience of so many teachers and students during my tenure at the company.

Good Works, Inc.

September 2013August 2015

Good Works is a nonprofit focusing on the issues of poverty and homelessness in Appalachian Ohio.

During my contract, we overhauled the organization's static websites and introduced WordPress to make content creation accessible to more staff.


September 2008February 2012

I ended up working with at least seven clients during this period, doing frontend and backend development work.